Reality Check: PM Proud of Trade Deal That Threatens Canadian Jobs

Justin Trudeau is trying to sell his CETA trade deal to Canadians this week in Montreal, even though the deal will cost thousands of Canadians jobs, make life less affordable for people and will chip away at our Canadian sovereignty. Read the full release on NDP Central’s site


The NPD Promises to Expand Health Care Coverage

DRUMMONDVILLE – Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP MP François Choquette (Drummond) announced the NDP’s commitment to expanding Medicare to cover people from head to toe. “Far too many people face impossible choices when it comes to their health. The current system provides incomplete coverage. It is outdated and reflects the needs of the…


Reality Check: Liberals Don’t Listen to ‘Different Perspectives’

Justin Trudeau is defending his Liberal government from charges of hypocrisy by claiming they listen to “different perspectives” and to Canadians with “a broad range of views” – but his government’s track record tells a different story. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have spent years ignoring or silencing voices they didn’t want to hear. Read the full…


The NPD Will Fund the Sherbrooke-Montreal Train

SHERBROOKE — Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault (Sherbrooke) announced that an NDP government will fund the Sherbrooke-Montreal train project. This promising project will make people’s lives more affordable, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, create quality jobs, and stimulate economic development across the region. Read the full release on NDP Central’s…


Reality Check: 100 Days to Go – Let’s Look at the Record

With 100 days left to go before election day, the Liberal and Conservatives keep working for the wealthy and powerful – and breaking their commitments to the rest of us. They make the rich richer – and we pay the price. They give them what they want – and take from what we need. Read…


NDP: Let’s Create Good-Paying, Lasting Local Jobs

WELLAND – On Friday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, along with NDP candidate and former MP Malcolm Allen (Niagara Centre), NDP candidate Brian Barker (Niagara Falls) and NDP candidate Denis Van Meer (St. Catharine’s), presented the NDP’s plan to build an advanced low-carbon manufacturing economy to create and maintain good paying jobs in the Niagara region…


The NDP’s Cycling Strategy: Solutions to Help People Tackle Traffic and Climate Change

OTTAWA – Surrounded by Ottawa candidates, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced that a New Democrat government would implement a cycling strategy to fight climate change and support community planning and design that makes travel safe, convenient and comfortable for everyone, regardless of their mode of transportation.   Read the full release on NDP Central’s site


NDP Reacts to Devastating Bombardier Job Cuts

OTTAWA – Today, New Democrats reacted to the devastating news that Bombardier will cut more than 500 jobs at their Thunder Bay, Ontario plant. They urged Trudeau’s Liberals to stop throwing the burden on the province and take action to save the Bombardier jobs and prevent future job losses. The NDP is committed to bringing…


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