Who We Are

The Cowichan-Malahat-Langford (CML) EDA was created in February 2014 after the last federal electoral district redistribution in 2013. Prior to that time, the south end of our district was a part of Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, while the portion north of the Malahat was in the Nanaimo-Cowichan riding.

The EDA is comprised of members of the federal wing of the New Democratic Party of Canada. It is governed, under the Constitution and By-Laws of the federal Party and, on a day to day basis, is run by an Executive made up of volunteers currently numbering 16. These volunteers stand for election annually at the EDA’s Annual General Meeting.

What We Do

The primary role of the EDA is to engage Party members for the purpose of advancing the goals of the Federal NDP. This includes fund-raising for the day to day operation of the EDA and for the running of election campaigns. But it also includes engaging members and community activists in advancing and promoting local concerns to the Federal Party through Federal Council and Federal Conventions.

The CML EDA is also fortunate to be able to support an MP who sits as a member of the NDP Caucus in Ottawa. MP Alistair MacGregor is the first person to represent the riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford. A major goal of the EDA, for the next year, will be preparation to re-elect an NDP MP.

Get Involved

As NDP’ers, progressives, and community activists it is our sincere hope that anyone with a caring heart would want to join us in the work of making our community, province and nation the best place it can be; where no person is cast aside, or left behind. We all believe in a Canada that values all people and wants to hear all voices.

And we want to hear yours!! So, please join us. Membership is as simple as a $10 donation and your contact information. If you’re already a member, come on out to a meeting or other EDA event, and get to know us, or get involved on some level. We are always eager to have people step up to help carry the weight!

As our leader, Jagmeet Singh, says, “If we stand together, we can make it happen.”

Donations FAQ

At the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford EDA, we are grateful for every donation and we track each dollar carefully. We are finding, however, that some people are confused about how to ensure their dollars reach us directly, so let us explain.

You probably know that we encourage monthly, pre-authorized contributions (PACs) so that we can consistently build our fund and plan for the next election.

When you donate this way, the funds are forwarded directly to the EDA bank account, allowing us to plan and prepare – AND we get to thank you right away because we know who you are!

If you believe you already have a PAC but you haven’t heard a peep from us, here’s why: when you set up a PAC using the Federal NDP Donate Now site, the EDA is not automatically notified. We do get your funds, but not until the next year, which makes planning difficult but more important, we don’t get a chance to thank you personally.

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Donate to Your Local CML NDP

We are planning ahead for the next election on October 21, 2019 and we need your support. Money raised by donations to CML stays here to help re-elect an NDP MP for our riding.