Justin is a 30-year-old North Cowichan resident, technology entrepreneur, gold miner/prospector, and a philanthropist along with a pocket full of hope and the dream of being a Civil Engineer.

His interests include sports, history, law/justice, politics, business, economics, real estate, environment, mining, engineering, technology innovation and lifelong learning while spending time with family and friends. He recently started volunteering on Friday’s for Alistair MacGregor at the Duncan Office and apart of DELVE, a global platform for Artisanal & Small Scale Mining through the World Bank and Pact.

He also spend sometime volunteering with the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC) and the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games. In the past year, he volunteered for Jagmeet Singh’s NDP Leadership Race, Elections BC and Duncan-North Cowichan Citizens’ Assembly on Amalgamation. He believes strongly in civic duty because he is passionately concerned about the accessibility, approach-ability, accountability, efficiency, safety, strength, infrastructure, environment and economical development of our community and its future.